Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay--I'm trying to learn how to do this again. I think Kelli showed me about a year ago and I haven't done this blogging thing Shelly helped me again. Hopefully I'll do this more than once a year and maybe this old brain can remember how to do it. I have a billion pictures I've wanted to blogg, but I think my computer is dying out on me. So I'm going to send these and then put more on later. These are a few of my favorites. This is Mom, Kris and I at Skyler and Miranda's wedding outside the Logan temple.

Chris, Shelly and Logan came for a visit. (Chris' brother returned from his mission.) Logan slept in Derek's old room. Every morning he'd wake up and see Derek's model air planes that are still hanging from the ceiling. He'd say, "Airplanes! That's cool!" over and over again. Finally we let him play with one and he was in heaven!

This is one of Logan's favorite vacuum! My house was vacuumed more than once a day with his help. :)

Chris, Shelly and Logan get ready for church on Sunday. You can see that Shelly's little tummy is starting to pooch. sure moving a lot!

This is one of my faves! Buddy is (fake) sleeping with Ella. Aren't they both sweet?

Dave, Tori, Ella, Buddy and I went on a little excursion to Lake Mead. This was Ella's first off road trip and she did great. The bugs were bad at the lake so we found a camp spot under these huge boulders. Dave grilled us the best chicken sandwiches with green chilies and pepper-jack cheese. Yum!!!It was fun watching our dogs-Lucy and Cutter play in the water for a while. I'll try to blogg a video of that-later.
Here's the little family...Dave, Tori and Eleanor...enjoying the outdoors before it's 110 degrees!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

School Play

I'm adding one more picture. This was our stage setting for a Cowboy show my class put on with another class. The kids make the murals of a sunset in the background. There is a campfire in front. My students just love performing and of coarse the parents love watching.

Halloween/New Bathrooms

I'm trying this out- but Kelli and Cam are on the phone helping me every step of the way.
For my school class Halloween party, my room mom made this poster of me. The kids played pin the nose on the witch! Hum.... how should I take this??? Now I know what I'd look like with grey-streaked hair. We have been in a big project of redoing our bathrooms. They have leaked for years and our sinks were rusting out. We hired our neighbor, Ed and he's done a great job. The master bath is done except no shower doors are not here yet and now we are in the middle of our bath by the other bedrooms. It's been a mess but it'll be good to have it done!
Buddy helps on Sat. and when he gets home from work.

We'll repaint some day. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Buddy's Alaskan Bear/Halibut Hunt

Buddy & Rick Nelson
Next trip to Alaska, Buddy & Janae will be riding one of these!

Buddy's Bear!

Came in contact with a bad storm and had to stay inside a bay. Another fishing boat radioed for help but it was too dangerous to go back out. They had to be rescued by coast guard.


A few more sea creatures